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You've Been Accepted!

A fifteen letter word I never thought I’d be excited to read in an e-mail. However, there it was, staring back at me as I read onward.
I started to feel a bit nervous inside, but why? Isn’t this what I’ve been waiting for?

I begun to realize my fear of failure was heightened and much to my surprise, so was my determination to be the best damn university student I could be. There’s no turning back now.. The world of Social Work is in my grasp (Well, in five years time give or take). I finally get to fulfill my dreams and do something meaningful, important and bold.
This September will mark my very first year at the University, and I couldn’t be more ready despite the nerves. Just like anything, nerves are only temporary.. But knowledge lasts forever.
Here I am holding my breath ready to take the dive into my academic side. Let’s hope I can put my brain where my mouth is.  🤞 SJx

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